Upgrade your browser

You have ended up at this page because you're currently using Internet Explorer 6 for browsing, and the owner of the site you visited would like you to consider upgrading to a better browser. This page offers some guidance.

Why upgrade?

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 in 2001. At the time, it was the best browser on the market. But, as you may be aware, in Internet years it has been a long time since 2001. Many new browsers have come onto the market, and some older ones have been vastly improved. Internet Explorer 6 languished, and in 2006 Microsoft finally released version 7. In 2009, they followed suit with the even further improved version 8, and again in 2011 with IE9.

Version 7 took huge strides ahead of version 6, and version 8 developed even further in its support for modern web technologies. 9 is finally competitive with the best of modern browsers. It is because of this that many sites of all sizes are making the decision to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6, and encourage any visitors using it to upgrade.

Upgrade Options

Please consider downloading one of these options to upgrade your browser. They are all free, all available on Microsoft Windows, and they all have the capabilities to switch over your Favorites and other settings.