My work happens in my day job, and occasionally on interesting side projects.

How I work

Design Strategy

Design strategy gives a sense of what actually needs to be designed. It guides and incorporates research and problem solving.

Design Research

Through talking to and learning about real users, doing design research teaches how to design things that fit people's needs.

Interface Design

Based on research and strategy, I'm able to design structures and interactions for layout and content. I sketch, prototype, and code, and invite people into the entire process.


From coding responsive websites that work great across devices to programming custom APIs and Content Management Systems in Ruby on Rails or PHP, I'm able to execute the designs I've created.

Who I work with

A1M Solutions

In 2023, I began working as a Senior User Experience Designer at A1M Solutions, an agency that does healthcare contracting.

MinnPost Support


At MinnPost, from 2014 to 2022, I led user experience, worked to create a user experience process, and collaborated on visual design and CMS development across the website.

Emory University Libraries

Emory University

I spent two years at Emory creating and introducing a user-centered design process, bringing user research, evaluative research, design strategy, and content strategy into web work on projects of all sizes across the university community.


I helped redesign, redevelop, and migrate an HTML site into ExpressionEngine with HTML5 and CSS3, and also built a back-end CodeIgniter API for functionality shared by multiple company applications. for Employers

I focused on improving user experience, design consistency, and design quality on parts of CareerBuilder itself and dozens of other properties.

Digital Eel, Inc

I helped lead the small agency's migration from table layouts built with WYSIWYG editors to standard-compliant, CSS-driven designs with high quality HTML.