Cornerstone 2008

July 10, 2008

faith / life / music

Once again, I’d like to present some initial thoughts stemming from our trip to Cornerstone Festival. I think this time there will be more than one post, as there are lots of things to think about.

Thoughts on the Music

Cornerstone, in recent years, has undergone a shift that causes it to have a lot more metal, especially metalcore, than it did in the past. Because my wife and I like metal, this is a good thing and a bad thing. The good is obvious, and the bad comes from the fact that things can get a bit oversaturated, and when this happens the quality can lessen. In a few years, the scenes will shift again and this will change, so it’s best to enjoy the good parts of it.

In any case, for me the best show was Living Sacrifice. The last time I had seen them was Cornerstone 2001, and they were better this year than they were then. It was an incredibly strong show.

Also, for the last several years my wife and I have had the privilege of gradually getting to know Neocracy. They are an amazingly talented death metal band that is constantly improving and writing better music, and great people. They have been informed that they need to come to Atlanta.

Thoughts on Seminars

Cornerstone continues to have amazing seminars every year. Naturally, many of them occur at the same time, and thus it is impossible to catch all of the good ones.

Brad Culver, Mary Culver, and Peter Wohler have been among our favorites since we had the privilege to meet them. They continue to speak into our lives through their seminars and through conversation with them, and they are gracefully willing to share their lives with us.

Several other things are worth saying about these seminars, as well as the seminar by Miroslav Volf and the Jesus for President tour. These, though, will be in additional posts.

Thoughts on other Cornerstones