Cornerstone 2007

July 12, 2007

faith / life / music

Although I find it difficult to write about Cornerstone and cram a week’s worth of thoughts into a post or two, I want to try before it becomes too far in the past.

Thoughts on the Music

This year, Cornerstone had lots of great metal. Lots and lots. There was almost no goth. But between the great metal and the other miscellaneous things, there was still a lot of great music to be seen and heard.

My favorite show this year was No Longer Music. I’ve known about this band and the ministry behind it, Steiger, for several years, but had never seen them. They have created an amazing show, and it goes into amazing places and God does amazing things with it. Since I met Jesus, I have wanted to follow in the footsteps of people like them. More so now, I think.

Thoughts on Seminars

Kiera and I go to a bunch of seminars at each Cornerstone. The hardest part for us is picking which ones we’re going to attend, because there are usually several we’d like to see at any given time. Due to this, we miss some good ones. This year, Shane Claiborne did a seminar that we missed. I hope to be able to see him another time.

David Pierce, the lead singer of No Longer Music, held a powerful seminar. Coming from the position he does, he has a lot of unique stories and experiences to share, and principles from those things. While there were several other amazing seminars that we attended, I think his was the one that I needed to hear the most.

The underground has many unique characteristics; some good and some bad. Sometimes, it’s easy to focus on one or the other, and forget things that might otherwise be seen. This seminar reminded me of this, and I think that’s essential. It reminded me that the way to see the power of God move in the underground is to bring the Cross to the underground. The compassion, the engaging entrance into the lives and troubles of humanity that the Cross represents, is what we have to offer. While this isn’t new at all (since Paul wrote it), and I’ve been blessed to share things like this in other contexts, it’s amazing to hear stories of God moving through this in unexpected places.. in places where I want to be used.

Thoughts on Other Stuff

I think what keeps people coming back to Cornerstone year after year is the community. The opportunity to be around like-minded people, learning from them, having dialogue with them, experiencing God with them, having fun with them, and all of it happening while camping on a 500 acre farm in the middle of nowhere.. miles away from the nearest city. For me, miles away from Internet access. Miles away from the need to be working on stuff.

We tend to see some of the same people each year, and meet new people. I like it that way. Can’t get enough of the things some people have to say, and always love being around them, but it’s always nice to see and hear and meet new ones.