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Hi, I’m Jonathan. I live in Minneapolis, and I make websites. I’m into design, theology, justice, and grace.

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The flag, the anthem, the pledge, the troops

September 27, 2017

politics / theology

I have thoughts about the flag, the anthem, the pledge that are not directly related to my thoughts about protesting during the anthem (which of course I support).

I don’t stand for the anthem. I sit. I have since the aftermath of 9/11, as clearly as I can remember (there may have been a gap, but it’s been more than a decade at least). It’s relatively rare that I’m in a place where people say the pledge, but if I am in such a place, I don’t say it. I wouldn’t go to a church that had a US flag in it, unless it also had a LOT of other flags. None of the flags or all of the flags, is what I’m saying.

Conference diversity in 2017

May 15, 2017


Recently the topic of diversity in conference speakers, specifically among radical Christian folk, came up on my Facebook when the website for The Peace of the Gospel was launched, and of the twenty speakers nineteen of them were white. I saw a few different things happening in the discussion, and I was reminded of some things I’ve learned.

Here’s one way to be skeptical of tech people

April 25, 2017

design / programming

While I’m a tech person – I’ve been working full-time on the web for more than a decade – I spend most of my time away from work (and these days, most of my coworkers aren’t tech people either) around non-tech people. Some of this is coincidental, of course, but it’s always fascinating. I can see how tech people, and the work we do, appears to activist friends, church friends, family, and so on. This, along with the best parts of the design field, which has its own way of looking at tech at the best of times, helps me look at my work with a more skeptical eye.

I’d like to take a look at one example of this, in the hopes that it can encourage folks to do so in their own way. This isn’t a thing that comes naturally to our society; we tend to put tech people on a pedestal and think they have the skills to do whatever they want in whatever industries they want.

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Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat

May 26, 2015

design / mobile / user experience

It’s time to recognise that this is the wrong approach. We shouldn’t try to compete with native apps in terms set by the native apps. Instead, we should concentrate on the unique web selling points: its reach, which, more or less by definition, encompasses all native platforms, URLs, which are fantastically useful and don’t work in a native environment, and its hassle-free quality.

Ultra-Contextual Design

May 6, 2015

design / design research / journey map / user experience / user research

Every experience could blend into the aether and let me get on with life. Instead, video ads auto-play at full volume just when I thought I had my work computer muted, my “smart” coffee maker takes 10 steps to brew a new pot, and every new app download asks for information that I’m not sure I want to give up. I’m constantly bombarded with dumb experiences, but we can make them smarter with ultra-contextual design. Context-aware systems provide information and utilities to people based on the tasks they are trying to accomplish.


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I've spent the past several years in various roles at MinnPost, Emory University, AirWatch, and in Minneapolis and Atlanta. I've consulted on projects locally and in other places across North America.

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I do design strategy, design research, user interface design, and build responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS. I'm passionate about discovering and solving problems, learning about people to make things they like to use, and beautiful interfaces.