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Hi, I’m Jonathan. I live in Minneapolis, and I make websites. I’m into design, theology, justice, and grace.

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A day without immigrants makes people think about a day without police officers

February 17, 2017

activism / politics

I saw a person post something about the economic impact of immigrants in support of the Day Without Immigrants protests. It was capitalism: immigrants put a lot of money into the economy and we’d be kind of screwed without them. This is documentedly true, of course.

While I’m more interested in the value of immigrants beyond their utility to capitalism, I noticed that someone dove into the comments to ask what it would be like to have a day without police officers. It was all about “illegals” who commit crimes.

How Americans view themselves, through a lens of social movements

January 14, 2017


After Donald Trump tweeted about how John Lewis was all talk and no action, and the people of Twitter lined up to praise Lewis (mostly) or Trump (some) in various ways, I started thinking about the different ways Americans view social movements, and the ways that shapes and is revealed by how we view ourselves. Specifically the Civil Rights Movement, but also others that work for black liberation. My thought is that how we view those movements in relation to the overall nature and trajectory of America is important and revealing for our current time.

Lament, and then follow it

November 12, 2016


If you, as a white Christian, are sad or angry, a little or a lot, about Donald Trump’s victory and its aftermath, that is a beginning, not an end. Don’t sugarcoat it. Lament. Then follow where the lamentation leads. It will lead, if you let it, to honesty and truth telling. You’ll be able to be honest about why our country is like that, and indeed the extent to which it has and has not always been like that. Our country is and has always been fiercely unwilling to do that kind of work, and most of us are individually unwilling as well. This moment presents an opportunity, perhaps, for people who wouldn’t normally do this work to engage it.

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Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat

May 26, 2015

design / mobile / user experience

It’s time to recognise that this is the wrong approach. We shouldn’t try to compete with native apps in terms set by the native apps. Instead, we should concentrate on the unique web selling points: its reach, which, more or less by definition, encompasses all native platforms, URLs, which are fantastically useful and don’t work in a native environment, and its hassle-free quality.

Ultra-Contextual Design

May 6, 2015

design / design research / journey map / user experience / user research

Every experience could blend into the aether and let me get on with life. Instead, video ads auto-play at full volume just when I thought I had my work computer muted, my “smart” coffee maker takes 10 steps to brew a new pot, and every new app download asks for information that I’m not sure I want to give up. I’m constantly bombarded with dumb experiences, but we can make them smarter with ultra-contextual design. Context-aware systems provide information and utilities to people based on the tasks they are trying to accomplish.


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I've spent the past several years in various roles at MinnPost, Emory University, AirWatch, and in Minneapolis and Atlanta. I've consulted on projects locally and in other places across North America.

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I do design strategy, design research, user interface design, and build responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS. I'm passionate about discovering and solving problems, learning about people to make things they like to use, and beautiful interfaces.