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Hi, I’m Jonathan. I live in Minneapolis, and I make websites. I’m into design, theology, justice, and grace.

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The Unkingdom of God from Mark van Steenwyk

June 9, 2014

Mark, of course, is a Christian Anarchist. It's a lovely thing to see in Mark, his family, and in his community, and one I've always found compelling. For myself I tend to waver between just being a leftist vs going all the way to being an anarchist, but things like this make me more and more convinced his is the way I want to follow. But regardless, this particular book takes aim at Empire and Christianity through the lens of the gospel and anarchism.

Child care worker healthcare disparities

May 29, 2014

Child care is a rough industry to work in. Most centers (at least in Georgia, where I live) are not funded by the state, so there are no benefits. Many centers treat their employees badly. Classrooms and facilities don't have good supplies. On top of that, the pay is not good; many employees work multiple jobs and still remain poor.

More on my Bootstrap as "new Dreamweaver" hypothesis

February 24, 2014

I was fortunate to be able to attend An Event Apart in Atlanta last week. One of the talks was from Luke Wroblewski, and it was called "Screen Time." In it, he examined the vast numbers of screen resolutions and rotations and sizes and types, how much stuff we are trying to throw onto said screens, and how we can better design in light of these things. He addressed in varying degrees of depth concepts like CSS optimization, SVG, responsive images, horizontal and vertical media queries, input methods, and postures at which humans use devices.

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How I work

I do design strategy, design research, user interface design, and build responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS. I'm passionate about discovering and solving problems, learning about people to make things they like to use, and beautiful interfaces.

Who I work with

I've spent the past several years in various roles at Emory University, AirWatch, and in the Atlanta area. I've consulted on projects locally and in other places across North America.