I'm Jonathan Stegall. I'm a web designer, follower of Jesus, and seeker of justice. I'm happiest when I can combine all of those things. I live in Minneapolis with my wife and daughter. I love great coffee, great beer, and great music. I do tweet a lot.


I work at A1M Solutions, where I’m a Senior User Experience Designer. From time to time I do freelance design or development as well. You can read more about this.

This site has existed since 2006 when it was just a portfolio and had replaced various sites I’d maintained since 1997. These days it’s mostly inactive. I’ve designed and built a couple of WordPress themes for it, including this one.


I have an abiding love for theology, and one of my long-term goals is to work on the integration of design and theology. The first way to do that is, of course, to be really good at both and keep getting better. Sometimes I write about these things. My own thought has been especially impacted by Pentecostalism, counterculture movements, Celtic theology, Anabaptism, and liberation theology. Recently, in addition to these it has been revolutionized by the Ferguson and Black Lives Matter movements.

I’m drawn to following God and working out my theology in the way of Jesus, and I love to do it together with other folks. I try to do it online through Twitter, blogs, podcasts, and so on, and through local communities of faith. They feed each other.


Cornel West says that “justice is what love looks like in public.” I don’t mind charity, but it’s no substitute for justice1. I look for ways to orient my life toward liberation for both the oppressed and the oppressors, in big things like stepping out of white privilege and supremacy, and in everyday issues like what kind of coffee I drink. Once again, my understanding of this has been deeply changed as the movement for black lives has called me, and all of us, to stand up.

  1. I’m indebted to Augustine of Hippo, and more recently Sarah Kendzior, for this saying []