She’s In: Anti-Racist, Anti-Imperial Feminists Against War – The Feminist Wire

August 21, 2014

activism / feminism / hillary clinton / politics

I am thinking about feminists of all sorts—and how so many of us are anti-racist and anti-militarist. HRC as president will be used to disguise militarism with a friendly white female face, read as feminist. “We” -– women — will be told that the glass ceiling has been broken. “We” will hear that we are now in a post-feminist era. But this particular “we” remains too rich, too white, too imperial, too capitalist, too… And, it is not enough to hope that this elitism will resolve itself. It is crucial for U.S. women to say no to these policies of mass destruction, incarceration, and militarization, even if the strategy for doing so seems unclear. Not in our Name.