We Have Work to Do: #yesallwomen and the Web

May 29, 2014

a list apart / activism / culture / sexism

A List Apart, and the associated events, books, conferences, authors/speakers, and so on has always struck me as a special part of the web. A more thoughtful part, willing to think on deeper levels about technology and people. This article reminds me of why, exactly, that is.

When I look at those articles that most influenced my career (and probably many of yours), I see our mission, clear as day: to encourage a more thoughtful, curious, and engaged web industry—one that pushes past easy answers and encourages ongoing growth and learning.

Technical skills—and by that I mean everything from JavaScript to typography to taxonomy—will take us part of the way there, but they’re not enough anymore. Not now, not when we’re facing the big, messy problems that come with designing for an increasingly web-connected world.