Condemnation is One Curse Word I Won’t Say « The Upside Down World

July 12, 2013

grace / jesus / spirituality / theology

Now I understand that this is the exactly guilt and condemnation which Jesus died to remove from me. It’s not procedural guilt he’s freeing us from. It’s not that there’s a record of our sins being kept somewhere that he’s erasing. What he came to erase is this very personal, very painful curse of judgment that we suffer under – and make no mistake, those of us who claim his name and want to be good, Godly people usually suffer under it worst of all. He didn’t come to take away our sins so that when we face God we will be found ‘not guilty’. He came to take away our sin and our guilt so we could discover who we are underneath all of the enemy’s stories and accusations about us. So that we could recover our true identity. Because once we discover that our real identity is the very image of God and learn to live out of that, the enemy’s jig is up. His work will be destroyed. And that, my friends, is why you need to know and own that “there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.”