Send a tent to Haiti

February 22, 2010


As you may know, Haiti has a rainy season that is in its beginning stages. You may also know that an unbearable number of Haitians are homeless. Many have been given nothing but tarps to shelter through the rain. Too many NGOs and government organizations discouraged the sending of tents to the country (due to space, apparently), and further too many of these large organizations bought out the stock of tents for themselves. Finally, though, the UN pleaded for tents as a desperate need.

Since the earthquake, an acquaintance of ours, Shaun King, has been working tirelessly here in Atlanta and with folks on the ground in Haiti to bring awareness to these things, calling for and providing tents from the beginning. The need, though, continues to be dire. Please send a tent if you can.

Shaun has shared seminary classes with Kiera at Candler. He also blogs, tweets prolifically, and pastors a church here in Atlanta. We don’t agree with him on everything, but he is real and crazy, and is getting things done. You can trust him. You can purchase a tent and send it directly to his church, or you can donate money and they will purchase it. Either way it will then be sent directly to teams on the ground in Haiti.

He’ll be taking trips to Haiti in March, but as I said he has been working with small, effective groups on the ground in Haiti since the earthquake. He has been able to avoid the utter gridlock that often happens when bigger organizations like the Red Cross were not previously in the country, and their aid gets stopped at the Haitian government (this is the benefit of both long-term organizations like World Concern, and of small groups of untrained, passionate individuals who work with those organizations).

If you are curious about Shaun, explore his Twitter stream. If you can, send a tent.