Mark Van Steenwyk in Atlanta

August 26, 2009

emergent / emerging church

I want to draw attention here to the fact that Mark Van Steenwyk is in Atlanta until next Tuesday. He will be spending time with various people and groups to talk about radical living in the way of Jesus, and living such a life in the shadow of Empire. There will be great conversations, I’m sure, on community, hospitality, nonviolence, and anti-imperialism.

I especially want to note that those of us in the Atlanta Emergent Cohort are having an event (event on Facebook) with Mark at Tilt Coffee Shop, starting at 7pm on Thursday, August 27. We will hear from his passions and experiences and voice, and discuss these kind of things with him.

Mark is from Minneapolis, where he is a founding member of Missio Dei, an intentional Anabaptist community that is a leader in new monasticism. It seems to be a wonderful community there, doing fantastic things to love God and people in the city there.

Mark also is the editor of Jesus Manifesto, a great online zine that has been around for a couple of years. I first became acquainted with it, and Mark, through this post in 2007, and have been really fortunate to watch and occasionally be a part of the community there. There is a wealth of challenging, powerful content there on nonviolence, resisting the empire, and living in the way of Jesus.

So if you are in the Atlanta area, I want to encourage you to come to Tilt tomorrow.