The revolution will be twittered

June 14, 2009

culture / politics

In case you are not aware, there has been a vast amount of immediate coverage of Iran’s election on Twitter the last couple of days. There is an outpouring of support, information, photos, and other information from those within Iran – students stuck in their dorms, protesters, and so on – as well as those outside who hope to show support for a peaceful revolution in that country.

In contrast to this revealed power of Twitter, the mainstream media has been either late or absent in its own coverage. CNN has recovered during the latter part of today (Sunday), but others have not even done this. It has been Twitter and blogs such as Andrew Sullivan‘s that have given us information and insight into what is occurring there.

We know that this election has the potential to be a gamechanger in Iran’s status with relation to the rest of the world. It is clear from some blogs and other coverage that some within the United States would prefer Ahmadinejad to stay in power, regardless of the legitimacy of his election.

But most of us would do well to watch this, as it shows the powerful desire for change that exists in the Iranian people, and the hope for a peaceful change. I want to leave with this quote, and encourage you to watch the Twitter coverage, and watch Andrew Sullivan’s coverage, and wear green tomorrow in support of peace.

In situations like these, peer-to-peer media is essential. Send all you’ve got to me. We’ll do our best to assess, edit, and post. There is no neutrality in this. Every blogger is now an honorary member of the resistance. We are at war too – for peace and democracy.

Andrew Sullivan