A week from The Rescue

April 17, 2009


From time to time, I mention Invisible Children on this blog, as they are one of my favorite organizations. At the moment, I want to draw attention to The Rescue, which is a global event on April 25 designed bring about to Rescue Joseph Kony’s child soldiers.

First, go watch the Rescue video. It is a thirty minute, extremely well done video that will explain what is going on and what has been done up to this point, and will introduce what The Rescue is and what it hopes to accomplish. There is also this video that examines whether or not it will work, and this “last minute” video that details how you can help as April 25 draws near.

I want to encourage you to go to this event, if it is in a city near you (it is taking place in 100 cities around the world). If you cannot stay overnight, go for as long as you can. It will be a fantastic example of people coming together to advocate for justice, and do something that really can make a difference. This war has endured for more than twenty years, and has abducted thousands of child soldiers. And it can end.

If you are able to attend, or even if you are not, please take any of the steps listed in the last minute video that resonate with you. There are some wonderful videos being created to ask people to come to the event, and many of them are getting responses that ask others to come. It’s a beautiful thing.