Dad things

June 24, 2008

blogging / life

I wanted to announce that my dad has started blogging. I’ve told him for some time that he should do so. Feel free to stop by and give him encouragement in his new adventure, as he learns WordPress and the various things one must know in order to blog with it (categories, tags, posts and pages, linking to external sites, and so on will be entirely new things to him, for a little while).

My dad is an interesting guy. He and I disagree on a myriad of issues and have for a long time, but we typically have healthy disagreement. I don’t have to be afraid to tell him what I think, and vice versa. We also agree on some very important things. In any case, I think he has things to say, and should say them. Plus, blogging is fun.

As an aside, recently my wife and I attempted to take him to his first Yankees game at Yankee Stadium, since this is the last season it will be open. Various issues occurred, and he only got to see the 9th inning, but he did at least make it into the original Yankee Stadium before it closed. We’ll go to the new one another time.

My dad and I have a great relationship, and have tried to do things like that for each other. In any case, here is my welcome to the world of blogging.