Economics of steakhouses

May 11, 2008

humor / life

Kiera has a birthday this week (May 14) and mine is a few weeks later (June 3). This year, we decided to celebrate both at the same time, and visit Bones Steakhouse. Bones, according to reviewers, is one of the top ten best steakhouses in the United States (number one, according to some).

We had hoped to visit this steakhouse since we moved to Atlanta, and decided to go ahead and do it for this year’s birthdays. Bones is in Buckhead, which is the neighborhood of Atlanta where various multi-million dollar mansions are, along with Coke executives and professional athletes and so on, so the steakhouse is a haunt of many Atlanta movers and shakers. Translation: Jon and Kiera do not belong.

When we arrived, we declined to use valet parking, and went inside. Neither of us fit in this kind of atmosphere, but wanted to enjoy a great steak anyway. While we didn’t order any appetizers, we did order a Heineken. Then, we each ordered a vegetable and a steak. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the steak was the best we have ever had. It most certainly deserves its rating.

The funny part of this trip, though, was before the steaks arrived. Our server set a dish on our table called Grit Fritters (for which we didn’t ask), and said it was a favor we could enjoy while we waited for our steaks. We both spent some time working as servers during college, and so we understand that occasionally servers do favors like that (though, usually it’s a free soda), and we also understand that once a dish hits the table, it legally has to stay on the table. When we received the bill, this dish was on it. Imagine the cojones guts it must take, to deceive a customer like that and not be phased by it!

In any case, since our bill was already very large it didn’t make a (notable) difference, so we didn’t fight it. But wow. It’s worth a mention on the blog, at least.