The Indian Taxi Fund and Revolution Money Exchange

May 5, 2008

activism / blogging / design

Recently, I’ve become acquainted with Josh Brown (and Anna). Kiera and I, I think, resonate strongly with them. I’d easily put them among the favorite people I’ve met since being in Atlanta. To follow his precedent, I raise a glass to them.

Anyway. Recently, Josh wrote about Revolution Money Exchange as part of the Indian Taxi Fund. At the moment, we are not able to offer a whole lot to this, but I want to encourage you to learn about it, and do what you can to get involved.

Moving to the place where design and business meet theology and ministry to help make the world a better place, as Josh is doing, represents the best of what I see happening in activism. And you could, of course, change design to some other discipline, or even change theology and ministry to something else. People who follow Jesus need not be afraid to join up with people who don’t, in attempting to change the world.

There is no limit to the possibilities that can come out of these kinds of combinations. Several years ago, I was driving from Tampa to Lakeland on I-4 when I heard an NPR story about Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Foundation, when he was about to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I learned of his efforts to empower the disenfranchised through micro-lending, and set people free from poverty. Immediately I thought, “The heart of God is in that.”

This concept of micro-lending began with people like Muhammad Yunus. It is continuing and expanding with the concepts of people like Josh and the power of things like blogging.

If you are able to join with Josh at this time, please do. If you are not, consider creating an account through Revolution Money Exchange at the button below, or at the button Josh has on his own site. When you do so, you give me (or Josh) $10, and receive $25 for yourself. You could then, of course, get your own referrals. This alone could give you something to contribute, which is the purpose of a post like this.

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