Upgrading to Ubuntu Hardy Heron

May 1, 2008


Today, I decided to upgrade to Ubuntu Hardy Heron, which came out a few days ago. In doing so, I decided to upgrade with a clean install, rather than using the built in upgrade manager. People with every operating system, even OSX, often recommend this, and given my random experiences with Linux I decided it would probably be safer.

So, I downloaded the CD, checked it for errors, and proceeded to start the install. Shortly after it began, it gave me an error message that suggested that either the CD had errors, or that my computer was too hot and should be moved to a cooler area.

At this, I freaked out, because of course I couldn’t start my computer back in Windows, or in the older version of Ubuntu.

I ran the disk error checker again, and then decided I had nothing to lose and would try to run the installation again. This time, everything went smoothly. The only thing that changed was the location I picked for the location of GRUB, the boot manager. I stuck it on the master drive, where XP resides, remembering that I had written something about that the first time.

Then, the installation ran perfectly. First, I started up Windows to make sure that it didn’t disappear, and then went into Linux. Apparently, all is nice with the world.