To Write Love On Her Arms At Hot Topic

April 22, 2008


The other day, via this link, I learned that To Write Love On Her Arms t-shirts are now being sold in Hot Topic. You can see for yourself here, and there’s even a nice little description.

I first learned of TWLOHA shortly before Cornerstone, 2006. If you are not familiar with them, go ahead and go directly to the story, and learn. Anyway. In 2006, they were still very new, and many people first learned of them that year at Cornerstone. People would walk through the merch tents, stop at the table, read the story, and then look up and realize that the girl the story was about (Renee) was right in front of them.

It’s a beautiful story, and a beautiful ministry that has been birthed out of the story. Since then, these words have been driven into my mind, and they return often:

We were made to be lovers bold in broken places, pouring ourselves out again and again until we’re called home.

In light of all this, I think it’s a beautiful thing that these shirts are being sold in Hot Topic. I’m not a fan of the store. When I was fifteen (maybe sixteen?), I bought my first Goth CD in a Hot Topic near Charlotte. Back then, it was much darker, both in atmosphere and music. The decor seemed to ooze out of the store, along with the music.

Now, it serves as a sanctuary for the mainstream alternative. Certainly, though, this scene needs a ministry like TWLOHA. My fear is that the shirts will become useless statements that declare a person’s store preferences, but I don’t think this is a realistic fear.

To Write Love On Her Arms is a bold statement in a place full of weak statements, and I think it will stand out there. I think it has potential to have a great impact, from the people who work there (who are often amazing, thoughtful people) to the people who shop there (who, from time to time, are also amazing and thoughtful). There are many hurting people who shop there and need a message like that, and I’m glad it is there.