Nooma: “Open” premiere

February 19, 2008


For the next day or so (48 hours starting on Monday at noon), there is a premiere of a new video from Nooma about prayer. It’s brilliant. Watch it. Then buy it and watch it again.

In my life as of late, God will not shut up about prayer. He is drilling it into me. “Hey Jon, you don’t get it, and you’ve asked me for help. I want to tell you something! Shut up and listen to me!” Messages and thoughts about prayer show up everywhere lately. Church, my wife’s school, books I’m reading, random videos on Facebook, random blogs, and so on.

It’s a beautiful thing to hear the voice of God speaking in different areas of life. There is grace in that. Grace to say, “I know this is difficult for you. It’s ok. I’ll say it again.”