Printing to Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux Printer with Mac OSX

February 14, 2008

apple / linux / microsoft

Recently, to my great jealousy, my wife bought a MacBook for graduate school. Her previous Windows laptop was on its last legs, so we replaced it. During its good times, she was able to use it to print to and share files with my Windows desktop. I knew it was possible to do this with a Mac as well, and didn’t know how.

Today, I found this tutorial on exactly that. Some of the dialogs are different than Leopard’s, but it is fairly easy to configure both on the Windows side and the Mac side. Note that the RedMon software required the use of a mirror site to download it.

Anyway. She can now happily print to my desktop from her laptop, when it is running Windows. My next related project will be attempting to understand how she can print to my desktop when it is running Ubuntu. Any advice is, of course, most appreciated.

Update: Using this tutorial, I was able to use the MacBook to print to my Ubuntu desktop. The configuration was much easier than it was for Mac to Windows printing.