Graduate school at SCAD-Atlanta

February 7, 2008


In the near future, I’ll be working on getting materials together to apply for graduate admission to the Savannah College of Art & Design, which has a campus in downtown Atlanta. They have a program called an M.F.A. in Interactive Design and Game Development. Essentially, there are two tracks: interactive design, and game development. I will be applying for the interactive design track.

While it is somewhat inconvenient for curriculum’s sake, I believe I’ll be applying to start in the January, 2009 quarter. Thus, I have time to take the GRE, get my portfolio together and as strong as possible, and get references and anything else that can help me be admitted to and afford this degree. Exciting stuff.

Anyway. I will also have to decide whether or not I can do this kind of degree full-time, while working full-time. Whether it is all in-class, or a mixture of in-class and online classes, this will be difficult. Should this post make it on a relevant Google or Technorati search, I would be interested in any feedback on this kind of thing.