My presidential endorsement

February 5, 2008


So. Today is Georgia’s primary. In case it isn’t obvious, I’m voting for Barack Obama. I want to examine some of the reasons for my vote. I don’t agree with everything he says, or everything he stands for. I don’t expect to ever agree with everything that anyone says or stands for. I expect to be able to trust people, and to believe that they have passion and drive for things that line up with my passion and drive. And he does.

My thoughts

I believe, first of all, that Obama offers a chance at change. He comes without the baggage of Washington. He comes with a freshness that makes him willing to dialogue in ways, and with people, that don’t make sense to those who have spent many years dealing with our policies and their consequences.

In light of this, he seeks to change mindsets. And that, I believe, is where his power for positive influence and change lies. There is a certain mindset that believes America is the police of the world, and that democracy is the highest goal that we should seek. Every other candidate remaining in this election, with the exception of Ron Paul, has that mindset. Obama apparently does not. This relates, of course, to the Iraq war, but it also relates to every other current and potential issue of foreign policy from whether it is acceptable to torture to whether it is acceptable to consider the use of nuclear weapons.

There are significant other foreign policy issues where his views can improve the worldwide perception, and actual ethical practices and positions, of the United States. They relate to AIDs, the economy, the environment, international poverty, and any number of other things where we are entirely lost in our own mess. I believe he offers the best chance of getting us out of it in a way that will bring people in Washington and out of it along with him.

There are significant domestic issues where his views will offer positive change. Immigration, economics, domestic poverty, governmental ethics, and technology are all in extreme danger from various things. I think he offers ways of uniting and strengthening the country in these and other areas without isolating ourselves from those who need something positive from us.

Overall, I believe there is a significant ethic of life that Obama represents. From abortion, which I don’t believe is the most significant pro-life issue, to war, poverty, justice for enemies and those who hurt us, he offers the most significant opportunity to address issues of treating humans like humans. To address the causes of the suffering of humanity rather than hide behind political smokescreens. Do I think he is perfect in all of these areas? No. Is anyone perfect in all of these areas? No. But I can believe in him.

Outside articles and resources

Here are a few things around the web that express the kind of thoughts that have accompanied my personal decision process. Whether I agree with all of them is irrelevant; they have been part of my thoughts.