A little more from Huckabee

January 15, 2008

politics / theology

See this clip for Mike Huckabee’s ideas on the Constitution. Apparently, it needs to be amended to fit “God’s standards.”

The frightening thing about the statement is not so much that a politician can make it, as it is that people still cheer when it is made. American Christians are still biblically illiterate enough to believe and vote for a man who finds “strength against terrorism” in his theology, and believes that the Constitution should fit his theology.

Greg Boyd writes a post, and says this:

Can you imagine if it was in the constitution that whenever we as individuals or as a nation were attacked, we by law would have to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, bless our assailants, do good to our persecutors, refuse to retaliate, offer them whatever they ask (expecting nothing in return), offer to feed them, and offer our lives up on their behalf, however evil they may be…? (e.g. Lk 6:27-35; Mt 5:39; Rom. 12:17-21).

Clearly, Mike Huckabee’s view of God’s standards is that they are related to national security, stopping abortion, homosexuality, and immigration, with a little bit of care for the environment and the poor of the United States to try to get some votes from liberals.

The problem with believing that these things are God’s standards, regardless of what effect they have or do not have on the interests of the United States, is that they are only concerned with the interests of the United States. They are not concerned with the treatment of our “enemies.” They are not concerned with the issues and problems of the rest of the world, or in the problems that our selfishness causes the rest of the world. They are not concerned with meeting the deep needs that exist in the world.

I don’t believe it is possible for a nation/state to follow the standards of God. History has proven and continues to prove this, and it has proven and continues to prove that we as humans, when given the opportunity of political power, will almost always give up the standards of God before we will give up the interests of our selves and our empire.

But I do believe it is possible for the people of God to offer a prophetic critique of and challenge to the standards of the state, and that they should do so. They should seek and present love, justice, and mercy to humanity. All of humanity. Wherever they are, whatever their plight, and whatever they do to us. This is why the wisdom of God is uncomfortable for us.