unChristian and George Barna

January 13, 2008

books / church

For many years, George Barna has been one of the favorite authors quoted by evangelicals. His surveys and studies are generally regarded very highly.

In the last couple of years, he and his organization have begun to look into things like the emerging church (the general emerging church, not necessarily Emergent Village), house churches, the absolutely dismal perception that non-Christians have of Christians, and the pagan roots of much of modern Christianity. Most of these things are examined from an American perspective.

One of his organization’s recent books is called unChristian. In the near future, I’ll be reading this, and hope to write a post, or a few, about what is being said. From what I’ve heard from the book, it’s worth the urgent attention of the American church.

Of course, feel free to discuss the book, should you come across this post.