Internet Explorer 8 is Acid2 Compliant

December 20, 2007

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From the Internet Explorer team blog:

…I'm delighted to tell you that on Wednesday, December 12, Internet Explorer correctly rendered the Acid2 page in IE8 standards mode. While supporting the features tested in Acid2 is important for many reasons, it is just one of several milestones for the interoperability, standards compliance, and backwards compatibility that we're committed to for this release. We will blog more on these topics.

Wonderful news. Web designers and developers everywhere agree with me that IE6 is the bane of our existence. There’s no need to discuss this further. IE7 is a massive improvement, and in general I’m pleased with the direction that the team seems to be taking for the future.

Acid2 compliance is, for me, an unexpected leap forward. Currently, Opera and Safari are the most widely used browsers that have achieved this milestone. Firefox 2.x does not reach this level, although Firefox 3 (which is in beta and, I’m sure, will be released well before IE 8 is) does.