August Burns Red Christmas song

December 10, 2007

music / spirituality

I have to admit: I'm not a fan of Christmas music. I can pick out a very small number of Christmas songs that I like. But, today I can add another one.

August Burns Red is one of my favorite bands. Great music, great lyrics, great live show, great guys who are always willing to hang out and talk to people. Just an amazing band. Anyway, check out their purevolume page where they have posted a Christmas song. Very good song.

On a more serious note, Advent has been difficult for me as a follower of Jesus. By difficult, I mean it has been difficult to actually get anything out of it. To see past all the pansy angels, Caucasian wise men, jerky shoppers and customers (I spent enough time in retail to learn this pretty well), horrible music, and bad theology that surrounds the Christmas season and actually see the radical nature of the humanity of God has been hard.

Last year, I was fortunate to be part of a faith community that got it, and really understood how to engage with it in contemplation. This year, I've thus far neglected it again, being in a different situation with different issues.

On yet another note, I may be more sporadic in my posts for a couple of weeks. I'm having surgery on Wednesday, which will hopefully have a positive effect on my sleep apnea. Best wishes while I'm out.

2008 Update: If you happen upon this post looking for the song, August Burns Red recently released it as part of the X Christmas album. You can buy the song by itself on iTunes, or on Amazon, for $0.99. Also, there is this video. Have a great Advent.