The Practice of the Presence of God

October 30, 2007

books / spirituality

Some time ago, I purchased The Practice of the Presence of God, and haven’t yet gotten around to reading it.

Understand that I have a massive list of books that are sitting around waiting for me to read them, but lately there hasn’t been much time to do so between the freelance work and other things.

Anyway. Recently, I received a free audiobook of The Practice of the Presence of God, and thought to myself, “I should listen to this in my car. I can’t be working while I drive.” So, today I decided to begin listening. The audiobook is slightly less than two hours in length, so it could be finished in a couple of days with my commute. Today, though, I listened to the preface.

I know a little bit about Brother Lawrence, from college and from the linked Wikipedia article, so I was already very excited about listening to this. The preface, though, blew me away. Brother Lawrence, in a summary, was a man who could commune as closely with God while working in the kitchen as he could praying at an altar.

I yearn for this. I yearn to be able to feel closeness with God as I design, or code, or drive, or walk through Wal-Mart. So I look forward to this book, and will post some things on it in the near future.