ASP.NET MVC Framework

October 18, 2007

microsoft / programming / web standards

In light of the project mentioned here, I have been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks thinking about MVC and MVC frameworks. This post indicates that Microsoft will be releasing a new ASP.NET MVC Framework later this year.

I find this exciting. I have not been a fan of ASP.NET, due to the horrible HTML that it generates, and my lack of knowledge about how to separate the various parts of an application to have more control over the HTML. Evidently, this new system will give me that kind of control. I’m totally impressed by that.

As annoying as some of Microsoft’s projects can be with regard to standards and such things, I don’t envy the variety of developers that they have to try to please. They have to try to please the hardcore programmers that don’t care about the front end at all, and they have to try to please the designers who are really picky about the front end. Hopefully, this will help.