Primary woes

October 12, 2007


I wish I could vote in both primaries. In politics, I’m a both/and person. Really, I’m a neither person, but we do have two parties. I don’t care what a person’s affiliation is. I don’t buy into the conservative/liberal divide, because most of the issues that divide the two sides are smokescreens that allow politicians to look like they stand for something.

“At least I didn’t vote for ___. You can trust me.” Or, “At least I tried to stop them passing _____. You can trust me.” And of course, the whole time this is occurring they are passing increased surveillance, and moving toward invading another country that hasn’t done anything, and so on.

In light of this, eventually I have to figure out which primary I want to vote in, and register for that party. I have a lot more hope for a couple of the Democrats, since Ron Paul is constantly ignored by mainstream media types. But then, are the ones that have a chance really trustworthy? Will they really change anything important? Or anything at all, for that matter?