Chorus of Angels

August 23, 2007


I’m a big fan of the music site. I listen to it all day at work. Lately, I’ve really gotten into one of the songs that it plays from the new Haste the Day album, Pressure the Hinges. I’m not a big fan of most of the album, as they’ve moved too far in an emo direction for me to like it, but the song Chorus of Angels blows me away.

As a unified piece; music, vocals, and lyrics, I feel that this song is an example of the best of what metalcore has to offer as a genre. I feel that there’s a passion and a voice in it that marks the point where metalcore takes hold of its potential to make a powerful statement and connect with the listener in a significant way. The creativity that’s there is an inspiration.

I love metalcore, but the fact is that the genre is oversaturated and doesn’t live up to this potential as a whole. There are several great bands that shatter that overall tendency and consistently release songs of this caliber that connect with me in powerful ways, but I wanted to mention Chorus of Angels as it’s been showing up on my stream a lot recently.