Ubuntu dual boot victory

July 31, 2007

life / linux

So, following the previous post about my Ubuntu dual boot woes, today I have successfully set up a dual boot of XP and Ubuntu.

Steps taken

Steps that did not work

  1. Download Ubuntu desktop install file again, as the original CD started showing up with errors in testing

    It’s important to note that I did check the disk for errors before attempting any initial install procedure.

  2. Test new install CD – errors reported

Steps that worked

  1. Download Ubuntu Server edition and create CD. Test for errors, receive none.
  2. Install Ubuntu server, following instructions in the prompts and choosing to create dual boot with XP

    This really was as easy as it sounds. The prompts were fairly similar to the prompts one sees while installing Windows from a CD. Prompts were used to set localization, profile username/password, and so on.

    For partitioning, I chose to leave my master drive untouched, and install Ubuntu on an empty slave drive (which was an option). I created a partition for /home, /root, and /etc. After this, the installer placed GRUB into the master drive for me, allowing the dual boot to occur successfully. I tested both systems boots before continuing.

    At this time, I was booting into an Ubuntu server that was exclusively a command line terminal.

  3. Install GNOME GUI to cause Ubuntu to act like a desktop as well as a server. This was done through the following command:

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

  4. Feel proud of myself

Woo hoo.