Nice Atlanta Metal

May 11, 2007

culture / life / music

In the last month or so, I’ve been able to see a few great shows. The Chariot and Becoming the Archetype had great CD release shows. Norma Jean and With Blood Comes Cleansing played awesome shows.

I have greatly enjoyed myself learning about how the scene functions in Atlanta. I enjoy the fact that, being new to the area, there are many great bands that are from around here. The Tampa area, where I went to college, used to be much better than it currently is, if one enjoys the underground. It was once the American home of death metal, and it used to have a decent Goth scene as well, but neither are particularly lively at this point.

At this point, Ybor City (a neighborhood in downtown Tampa) is a corporate, commercial dump. I’ve heard that it was once an extremely artistic neighborhood, with Bohemian style coffeeshops, small, independent bookstores and other businesses, and all the other makings of an area like Little Five Points appears to be in Atlanta. Although, Little Five does now have a Starbucks.