current developments

May 4, 2007


In the event that visitors would like to know what is happening in my current web endeavors, I thought I would summarize current projects that are happening outside of work.

The Underground Railroad redesign

This is at least the most satisfying thing that’s currently happening. I can’t remember how long I’ve been working on this site, as there was a long period of time where I had very little spare time to do that kind of thing. Now, though, I feel like it’s a few solid weeks away from being finished. It will certainly have more room for growth and expansion and all that, but the site will be ready to go live, and hopefully without being a disappointment.

The Refuge of St Petersburg

The Refuge site has been on hold for a bit, due to the same reasons the Underground Railroad took so long. However, the benefit of spitting out the Underground Railroad will be that much of the programming is flexible enough to be reused, and get the structure and functionality I need for the Refuge. Hopefully, it will be a bit faster.

design of

And yes, this blog. It desperately needs a design. I’ve been pushing different things about in my head from time to time, and have a few good ideas. I plan to work on this, and create a custom theme based on what I want out of WordPress, rather than basing it on an existing theme. This may cause it to take a bit longer, and I’m okay with that.

Other stuff

There are a few other projects that are either just beginning, or still floating around in the head of myself or my wife. I hope to be able to share more about these in the near future, as well.