Leah Buley – UX as a Team Sport

August 9, 2014

design / leah buley / user experience

What’s less common or less prevalent, is a team that’s able to function with a clear shared point of view that’s informed by real observations of users, about what the right role of the product is in the customer’s life, and how it’s going to fit and work to meet customer’s needs.

What I find in the work that I’m doing it’s that, teams want that so badly. Teams have a lot of observations and ideas and empathetic feelings about customers.

It’s not always the case that teams have a shared and clear idea of, “This is who our customer is. This is how this product is realistically and compellingly going to solve that particular need.

This is how it’s going to fit unobtrusively into the mess and chaos of a normal customer’s life.”

What UX brings is not teaching people how to feel or love or care about other people. It’s about helping form and create a informed point of view, about how to make a product that is helpful for customers and useful for customers in the way that customers want it to be and the business wants it to be.